After the release of his EP “Yo solo quiero que me quieras como yo te quiero” late last year, Mexican rapper Sandro Malandro is back with the release of his self-titled debut album “SANDRO.” Stepping out of his comfort zone, “SANDRO” showcases Sandro Malandro‘s musical versatility as he explores diverse terrains, featuring blends of rap, R&B, hip-hop and pop and hard-hitting collaborations, each song embodying different changes of love. The focus track “Quiéreme” is a contemporary jazz funk piece that captures the essence of budding love and expresses the desire to be loved as deeply as one’s own affection for others. “SANDRO” is now available on all streaming platforms.

“SANDRO” Tracklist:

  1. Quiéreme
  2. Mami Bombona ft. Jonaz
  3. Si La Noche Lo Quiere
  4. Ya Sabes Como Soy ft. Robot95
  5. Imaginando Voy
  6. Creo ft. Samantha Barrón
  7. Regalo de Cumpleaños
  8. Tantas ft. Emjay
  9. Pa Mi Eres Tú
  10. Escuchar Tu Voz
  11. YNTQ
  12. Un Beso
  13. Mañana Lo Pensamos

Continuing the lively atmospheric feel of focus track “Quiéreme,” “Mami Bombona” featuring Jonaz showcase’s Sandro Malandro’s musical versatility with its fusion of funky jazz beats combined with rap elements. In “Si La Noche Lo Quiere” listeners can anticipate more of the rap elements that Sandro Malandro is known for as he yearns to have a night of passion and fun with the woman he desires. “Ya Sabes Como Soy” in collaboration with Robot95 and “Imaginando Voy” are a blend of hip-hop, rap and R&B that fully encompass the essence of the early 2000s. “Creo” featuring Samantha Barrón is a smooth retro R&B track speaking on two lovers who go back and forth on their mutual desire for each other.

In true celebratory spirit, “Regalo de Cumpleaños” is an upbeat hip-hop track that fully embodies the festive feel, marking the album’s shift from jazz and R&B rhythms to hip-hop electro-beats. “Tantas” in collaboration with Emjay is a sensual track about longing for a past lover but learning to embrace reality and no longer leading a life of false hope. Despite the mellow feel of the song, Sandro Malandro confidently incorporates his signature rap style. In “Pa Mi Eres Tú,” Sandro continues to express his strong desire for his dream partner, revealing his profound love and admiration for her, and his determination to win her affection at any cost. The song’s bilingual approach fully encapsulates the universal experiences of love and heartache. “Escuchar Tu Voz” wholly embodies a mixture of electro-beats as Sandro Malandro strives to remain composed while falling deeper in love with a person solely through the sound of her voice. In “YNTQ” Sandro Malandro undergoes a dramatic transformation where he becomes indifferent and unconcerned about other people’s opinions. No longer feeling love for the person he once did, he no longer reminisces on the memories they shared or desires her presence. Released in November of last year, “YNTQ” has acquired 258k views on YouTube. Depicting the ups and downs of a relationship, Sandro Malandro‘s returns to the continual longing for the woman of his dreams, leading him to “Un Beso.” Pleading for one last kiss, the vulnerable track shows the rap star haunted by memories of his former lover, conveying that nothing brings him joy because all he desires is her presence. Closing off the album, “Mañana Lo Pensamos” is a bilingual track about losing oneself. As his friends notice a change in demeanor, Sandro Malandro finds himself constantly daydreaming about being with his true love. He feels his happiest when she’s around, yearning for her companionship despite the toxicity of their relationship. Hoping for one last chance with her, he persuades her to stay the night, promising to reconsider their situation the following day. This poignant track serves as an epic conclusion to the album, seamlessly rounding out themes of love, longing and introspection.

Along with the release of “SANDRO”, Sandro Malandro is set to continue his “Dónde Andarás” tour across Mexico where he will present his new album. The tour kicked off in February with EDC Mexico and will continue with stops in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City.

Upcoming Mexico Tour Dates:
Thursday, August 15, 2024 – Guadalajara, Jalisco – Foro 907
Friday, August 16, 2024 – Monterrey, Nuevo Leon – El Aparato
Sunday, August 18, 2024 – Mexico City – Bajo Circuito Multiforo Urbano

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