SABINA Finds The Power Within In Upcoming Single ‘Somebody Else’


SABINA Finds The Power Within In Upcoming Single ‘Somebody Else’

Somebody Else’ is the latest release from the pop ballad powerhouse, SABINA. This track is an effortless evolution of SABINA’s striking sound. Delving into themes of self-belief, belonging, and inner strength, SABINA is offering up an empowering anthem for those tired of seeking external validation and, instead, finding it within. A delicate piano line introduces the track, with SABINA’s vocals entering with a captivating tenderness. Transforming into a pop, R&B-infused soundscape, punchy drum lines, and a pounding bass melody burst in. Striking harmonies and ad-libs are signature forces in SABINA’s artistry, and this single is no different. The singer-songwriter’s dazzling vocal performance reaches new heights as the track unfolds. This single is the first collaboration between SABINA and producer Timur Magomedov, founder of Caspian Records, marking a milestone chapter in SABINA’s musical journey. Speaking on the creation of the single, SABINA shares,

“I started writing ‘Somebody Else’ a few years ago. It reflects a moment in my life when I suddenly understood that what I had been doing until that point was driven by fear, not love. It was a painful realisation that forced me to change. From that moment on, I learned how to flex a love muscle, not a fear one. Eventually, I grew stronger and broke the chains that were holding me back.”

Based in New York City, SABINA has been releasing pop and soul-infused singles since her debut in 2009. SABINA found fame in Russia with her debut single ‘Dagestan’ when it became a national anthem, gaining worldwide recognition as a walkout song for two-time world champion, UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. Sharing a moniker with her homeland, this single propelled SABINA into the spotlight. SABINA shares,

“Hearing a very intimate and sincere love letter to the place where I was born and spent my childhood being played in Madison Square Garden and other big arenas as a soundtrack to Khabib Nurmagomedov’s success has been unbelievable.”

Citing this achievement as fuelling her artistic fire, SABINA relocated to New York City and has been expanding her discography with emotionally arresting singles ever since. Her powerful vocal persona boasts a captivating blend of power and intimacy, as her lyrics explore themes of vulnerability, inner strength, and self-discovery. Acknowledging influences in the likes of Elton John, Adele, and Sting, SABINA’s emphasis on storytelling through melody is apparent in each of her works. Combined with her honest lyricism, SABINA’s music is unwaveringly vulnerable and resonates with listeners across the globe. SABINA says,

“I feel deeply and, usually, over analyze everything, so I have a lot of thoughts that need to be put on paper, in my case, on the keys too. That feeling, when I realize that I’ve just created something special, and reached the depth of my soul to put parts of it in the music is incomparable.”

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