Nova Rose Releases New EP ‘nova rose’


Nova Rose Releases New EP ‘nova rose’

Canadian singer-songwriter Nova Rose is a classically trained vocalist and violinist who has effortlessly pulled in a fanbase by getting radio airplay and accumulating over half a million streams on multiple platforms.

Recently, Nova Rose has rediscovered her passion for the violin and shared her journey on Tik Tok where she has gained over 1 million views on her songwriting and violin content. She now incorporates her songwriting and singing with her recently discovered passion for the violin.

Nova Rose returns with the release of her highly anticipated sophomore self-titled EP. Filled with heartfelt lyrics and enchanting melodies, this mesmerizing collection of songs effortlessly combines elements of violin and dark pop sounds to transport listeners into a realm of captivating soundscapes.

The EP’s focus track, a heart-wrenching breakup single, ‘we used to’ sees Nova Rose combining strong storytelling with a unique sound. Written and produced with Mark Vesprini and Kayla Diamond (The Strumbellas, Billboard Top 10 Artist), ‘we used to’ begins with an atmospheric indie-pop soundscape drenched in heartbreak where you could hear a pin drop. Nova Rose captivates listeners with glimpses of violin throughout the track, pulling on their heartstrings, with a delicate and creative take on pain and suffering.

Driven by creativity and exploring new sounds aiming to connect with her audience on a deeper level, Nova Rose displays the vulnerability and truth behind her lyrics with each release. The sorrowful instrumentation is paired with Nova Rose’s alluring vocals to create a passionate experience for the listener.

On the song, Nova comments, “It’s about how much it hurts when someone you’re still in love with pulls away when you don’t have anger or hatred to lean on and distract you from the sadness. When it feels like you’re not just losing a person but a whole life that you’ve been envisioning for yourself. It’s about the last dying breaths of a relationship where all you want to do is hold on and make them last forever because the idea of being alive beyond them and facing the unknown on your own is terrifying.”

The self-titled EP represents every stage of breakup grief, from denial to acceptance. Through emotional melodies and vulnerable lyrics, Nova Rose brings listeners on a rollercoaster of emotions. She shares her own experiences of heartache and healing. From the initial shock to finding hope again, each song captures a different part of the journey.

On the EP, Nova Rose comments, “This EP stays authentic to who I am as an artist. I hope it speaks to listeners and helps them feel understood during tough times.”

Accumulating press coverage across Radio Canada, Sweety High, Canadian Beats, Buzz Music, Lefuturewave, OcchiMagazine, and PM Studio, Nova Rose has presented herself as an exciting musical talent with a lot of promise for the future.

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